From the every day to the big picture

Jun 21, 2022

What I believe the Kajabi platform allows me to do is discriminate between three contemporary forms of knowledge and experience, namely marketing, branding and storytelling. I reckon that these terms are vital for me to understand as I watch my students' dependency on smartphones, their uneven school attendance because of ongoing COVID cases and the lack of study focus as we return to normalcy.

Kajabi and Classroom Teaching Post-Lockdown.

Ironically, of course, as both marketers and teachers want to affect change, how should I now engage students to learn? I know we have all kinds of ways of selling the sizzle, but how should we engage students to find out as much as they can about 'the steak'. Furthermore, what about the contention that marketing experiences can be explored in terms of story experiences? 

Indeed, my use of Kajabi was instructive in the way the fields of marketing, branding and storytelling enabled me to imaginatively creating courses to overcome three challenges I saw confronting me in the classroom post-COVID. 

  • How to reconnect my students to the 'big story' (our democratic ethos, our relationship to First Nations, our multicultural society and environmental challenges) that goes with school-based learning. The knowledge from such stories, from my experience, is essential for giving our students a sense of a hopeful future.
  • How to motivate my students to work hard, to make the effort required to build good study habits. To do so is not easily overcome as the disruption of lockdown existentially threatens their mental health.



  • How to build my students’ trust in the school community through modelling collaboration and goodwill, student to student, student to teacher, as well as teacher to teacher..


From the every day to the big picture.

Stephen Covey's principle that it's best, to begin with the end in mind directs the way I monitor students in the Tutor Learning Initiative monitoring process through a formal report that takes account of ACER PAT-derived data, as well as individual goal setting and small group initiatives. This is exciting work with students responding well to the extra attention, as well as the rest of the class positively picking up on the 'learning-how-to-learn-strategies' which I introduce to the TLI group. My monitoring is due to having a close relationship with the curriculum-focused Associate Principal.



I also work closely with the Head of English to ensure that I am not straying from the learning outcomes set by the school. In general terms, I know that my role is to know what the students are expected to accomplish at any time. I work off the following worksheet, summarising the order of units delivered across the two semesters.

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